loloplant was founded by me, Lauren - Hi! I am a fashion designer with a love for pottery, plants, CATS, running, and growing out my bangs and then cutting them again. I like to keep my hands busy, and that is how loloplant came to life. I was underutilizing my creativity in my day job at the time and decided to funnel those unused creative juices into creating a side hustle. loloplant began in the Spring of 2016, selling only funky succulents in funky vintage vessels - paired to look like a living sculpture that changes shape over time. The idea was to serve my fellow New Yorkers who did not have the time, resources or patience to purchase all of the separate pieces that go into creating a simple potted plant. Plus! they look super duper cool and are one of a kind! I've now expanded to creating my own vessels in an effort to be able to ship to more peeps and to offer some fun, one of a kind ceramics that can serve as planters, vases, Pocky holders or simply just for decor. As I explore this new medium, each piece is different and I probably will not make the same one twice unless you beg me. So hop on it when you find one you connect with!




There is a whole dang slew of wonderful humans who consistently support and motivate me to continue my passion. They buy loloplants to fund me, they force their friends to buy loloplants to fund me, and they pose for photos for payment in rosé and fries. In no particular order, here are some shout outs of THANKS I LURVE YOU:

Morgan Palmer - these gorgeous photos of gorgeous people holding my ceramics

Ling Ling Huang, Johanan Ottensooser, Zack Schares, & Tamara Barkley - the bootiful faces and limbs holding stuff

♡ Mom, Dad, Owen, Katie, Declan & Bryan - my hearts

♡ Queef Queens - my soul sisters

Supersmith Studiomates - because I have no idea what I’m doing, but they do