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it's a cactus obsession


what is loloplANT?

loloplant is an independent, small business selling cacti and other succulents potted in vintage and repurposed vessels.  we're obsessed with cacti and hope to spread that obsession with these perfectly potted, apartment sized (and cute!) plant friends.  

in addition to creating custom gifts and event dressing, you may find loloplant selling individual potted cacti at local craft fairs and flea markets around brooklyn, queens, manhattan, and long island.  check out the WHERE NEXT page to find the next place we'll be!

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all loloplants are potted in vintage or repurposed vessels.  this means not only are you helping the environment by purchasing reclaimed items, but each plant/vessel duo is one of a kind.  every plant is thoughtfully placed in a unique, handpicked vessel. 

you also have the option of having your plants potted in new pottery for large gift/favor orders.


loloplants are sourced in various places, including texas, california, and colombia.  they are cared for by the founder in an apartment setting, allowing the plants to become accustomed to an environment similar to where they will eventually call home.  

all plants are guaranteed free of pests and diseases upon purchase, and will come with an inspection certificate if shipped to you.